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What is a crêpe?

Most cuisines all over the world make crêpes in one form or another. There is the Italian crespella, the French crêpe, the Chinese mandarin pancake, the Mexican tortilla, the Indian canai and the Russian blinchki. In France , the crêpe used to be called pannequet, from which the word pancake is probably derived. A very thin pannequet resembles the wrinkled, fragile looking fabric, which we know as crêpe—hence its name.

A crêpe is an unleavened, flat, thin pancake of cooked dough or batter, which is used as a wrapper for another food. Originally a delight in Japan fine cuisine crepes are thin pancakes made from a batter of milk, flour, and egg. The silky texture and detectable fillings made it a hard-to-resist dessert. Recently, crêpes were cooked on large cast-iron hot plates heated over a wood fire in a fireplace. The hot plates are now gas or electric heated, and the batter is spread with a wooden spreader and flipped with a wooden spatula.

Banana Ice Cream ^^

Ichiban Crepes “The Roll Of Fun”

Ichiban Crêpes is a fresh & original, fast food idea which was created in Jakarta , Indonesia , early 2004.  Ichiban Crepes , credited as "the most authentic Japanese style crepe shop in Indonesia ", is initially located in the shopping centre (malls) around Jakarta and surrounding areas as the main focus. Gradually, Ichiban Crepes starts expanding to other main cities in Indonesia . Currently, Ichiban Crepes has operated several shops in Jogjakarta & Solo.

Ichiban Crepes has an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere complemented by its smart and charming decor and stylish artwork, including the usage of crepes replica (crepes dummy) as a menu display, as one of our uniqueness. We call our shop as the place “where fun wrapped into roll”. Ichiban Crepe's "pure classic Japanese and French flavours" and attentive service continue to attract students, teenagers, mall-goers, and young business professionals. The service is professional and welcoming. Caring staffs oversee your Crepe from start to finish assuring your every need is satisfied.

Ichiban Crepes offers sweet and savory crêpes and can be served as breakfast, snack, main course or dessert. The main attraction of Ichiban Crepes is that all crêpes are cooked and dressed, in front of the customer so they know exactly what kind of quantity and quality food is being served. It is also affordable in term of price, and most importantly, a wide range of variety to satisfy every taste bud. Hot or cold, sweet or savory, every crepes promises an adventure of taste as The Roll Of Fun.

Ichiban Crepes The Roll Of FUN

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